Friday, December 17, 2010

Flurry Friday

It's Friday evening and I'm sitting at home alone, watching Netflix, and drinking champagne (thank you SaveMart for having one hell of a deal this evening!). It's been snowing the last two days, and I LOVE IT. I talked to my Minnesota-grown grandparents earlier today and they were boggled by the fact that someone would actually WANT to move towards the snow. Haha. Maybe because they moved away as soon as my grandpa retired, I can see where they're coming from, or maybe I'm just weird. Anyways, I have this entire weekend off, and am determined to do something exciting with my time off! Perhaps some boarding? Maybe a trip to the tubing park?! So many possibilities!

As you can see... We're pretty snowy here in Tahoe City this evening. See the green traffic light? My house is literally 100 yards away from there! :)

I hope everyone is staying warm - whether you're down in the snow with me or somewhere in the sun! Cheers!

OH!! Sidenote... you may not see the greenlight... The image will continue to change since it's from one of the TahoeTopia webcams! :)

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